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Doggie Daycare Phoenix Based

Doggie Daycare Phoenix based clients are quickly realizing the benefits to having a safe place to leave their loved ones while they are at work. But, what are some of the other benefits to using this fast growing, wildly popular service? I have clients who drop their canine children off for a wide range of reasons – anything from having the house exterminated; throwing a mid-day brunch with no room for little ones under their feet, to the most poplar reason of  all – socializing a dog who is an only child…so to speak. All very good reasons in my opinion.

Heidi’s Historic Home and Pet Care’s doggie daycare phoenix based and centrally located to down town, was first opened for business over eleven years ago;  providing in-home pet sitting, dog walking, pet massage and pet taxi.  However, I was continually asked by existing and new clients if I could spend the night at their homes for overnight pet sitting. If we can be honest here…I  just didn’t feel comfortable sleeping in someone else’s bed…I’m just sayin. They would also ask me if I knew of a magical way to socialize their dogs. Besides taking them to the local doggie park and having friends bring their dogs over for play dates, I really didn’t have an answer for them. That’s when I decided, almost two years ago, to implement my doggie day care phoenix based here in Arizona, as well as boarding. By providing these services to my clients I could offer them  solutions to many of their concerns. Now, my clients who choose not to have a doggie door, no longer have to worry about running home on their lunch hour to let their dog out. Which, by the way, I can also help with if you would rather keep your dog home for the day. I offer mid-day visits designed to offer exercise by playing ball in the back yard; taking a trip to the local park or a walk around your neighborhood. But, I digress. Where was I…oh yes, running home and back to work again within an hour lunch break – good times.

Another benefit is again, back to socializing your canine. I have a new client that recently started doggie day care  and was complaining that her Bichon was acting “fresh”. She worried that because she had recently moved from N.J. into a down town Phoenix condo and Corky had no other dogs to play with, that he would remain “fresh” until she somehow socialized him with other dogs. Upon meeting Corky during our first temperament screening I didn’t have to be the dog whisperer to quickly realize that, indeed, he did have some behavioral problems. He began to bark incessantly at the other dogs as he turned in circles to let each of them know that he was the alpha dog and they should all respect his space. He also continually begged his mom to pick him up, by jumping up on her over and over (Bichons are famous for this, as they were bred/trained to be circus dogs and can jump extremely high) while whining. She tried to ignore Corky, but it didn’t stop him. At that point I asked her if she could leave Corky with me for an hour or so, so that I could see how he was with the other dogs when she wasn’t around. Similar to children, dogs act quite different when their parents are around. Within fifteen minutes Corky was calmer; stopped crying while looking for his mom and had discontinued the barking and snapping at the other dogs. Since that first visit Corky has been back for two more visits and plans to continue on with doggie day care with the hopes that very soon he will not only stop barking, but will learn to eventually enjoy running and playing with the other kids…I mean dogs.


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