Heidi’s Historic Home & Pet Care offers a variety of services to choose from, such as: In-Home Pet Sitting; Daily Dog Walks, Doggie Day Care & Cage-Free Dog Boarding within my home. As for my In-Home Pet Sitting services, I do not discriminate as to the kind of pets I will sit for. We specialize in All Pets Pet Sitting: Cats; Dogs; Birds; Reptiles such as Frogs, Iguanas, Turtles and Snakes; Hamsters; Gerbils; Guinea Pigs; Ferrets; Bunnies; and any other kind of pet you may have! My name is Heidi and since starting my pet care business I’ve tried to surpass my client’s expectations. Whether you’re interested in In-Home Pet Sitting, Weekly Dog Walking, Doggie Day Care or Boarding, I will go above and beyond the average pet care provider.









Our Doggie Day Care & Dog Boarding services are provided in my private home, located within the Coronado Historic District, which is just east of 7th St, between Thomas & McDowell Rd.  And, speaking of my home, Please NOTE: the picture above is a general “historic home” depicted on this website & not my private home. I want to keep my home private for security reasons, which is also why I do not publish my address online.

This is not you’re average doggie day care & boarding facility. This is a boutique style, home away from home stay for your dog. Your dog will receive loving care and attention within a nurturing, peaceful, cage-free environment. They will look forward to coming here to play with their other canine playmates – whether that be for the day or boarding here for longer periods, all the while learning proper social and behavioral skills at the same time.


We are ten short minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, which makes drop offs/pic ups for Dog Boarding fast and easy on your way out of town!  For those of you who prefer to leave your loved ones at your home, our In-Home Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service is primarily based within the Central, Downtown Phoenix Historic Districts (Willo, Coronado, FQ Story, Encanto Palmcroft, Roosevelt and all the neighborhoods in between). However, we will travel as far east as Arcadia area (44th St between Camelback and Thomas Rd); down west to I-17 and northbound to the border of Bethany Home Rd.


Why Choose My Services?

We are Insured, Pet CPR Cert & Trained to Administer All Med Forms, including: Pill Form; Creams; Injections & Inhalers. We are also willing, able and grateful to care for your pet family member(s) in the same fashion you do (or better), but cannot, due to traveling, work commitments, etc.

What’s That…You Say You Need More Reasons?

In Home Pet Sitting: (Surrounding Phoenix)

checkmarkHome security protection, as well as bringing the mail in, watering of plants, trash in/out, lights on/off, blinds up/down, while you are away.

checkmarkNot having to worry about your pet’s health around other animals at a kennel. Or feeling guilty about leaving them stuck in a small confined area day and night, with little to no exercise.

 checkmarkNo last minute hassles of getting your vet records together; preparations of gathering all of your pet’s supplies for their stay away and having to drive them to the “pet resort” and back.

checkmark Most importantly – many pets are scared when they go away to a strange place! They feel safe, comfortable and secure within their familiar surroundings at home.


Cage-Free Dog Boarding:

checkmarkMany folks do not have doggie doors, mainly for security reasons. No need to worry about paying pricey overnight sitters…my home is your pet’s for day AND night time care.

checkmark For those of you with one dog at home, worried about leaving them alone & bored all day & night. They can now have a sleep over with other pals around!

checkmark Your best friend will be entertained by day & comfy, cozy and tucked in at the end of each night.


Caged-Small Pet Boarding:

checkmark Don’t want your pet Gerbil, Hamster, Ginny Pig, Turtle, bird, etc. to be left home alone? We are proud to now offer small pets into our boarding! As long as your small pet can be transported to our boarding facility/home in a small cage, we will provide him/her with all the love they can stand around the clock!



Cage-Free Doggie Day Care/Play Dates:

There are occasions that call for extra attention for our little loved ones. Below are some reasons to have play-dates for your dog…

Reasons for you:

checkmark You just got your 1st dog & feel the normal guilt that goes along with leaving them at home all day…by themselves.

checkmark You would love to have the flexibility of not needing to rush home at lunch to let Fido out each day.

checkmark You want the pride that goes along with owning a dog that is truly socialized, happy & secure.

checkmark Although we are not “Certified” dog trainers; on the average your dog will leave a better dog than when he/she 1st arrived.


Reasons for your dog:

checkmark Dogs are naturally pack animals and fare better from being with their own species. If you only have one dog at home, you may want to set-up a doggie play-date.

checkmark Socializes them at a young age. Dogs who are exposed to many different people and pets at a young age are less likely to be aggressive or fearful in unfamiliar places, which will lead to fewer  behavioral problems down the road.

checkmark Allows them to be a dog – to run, jump, dig, chew. These are the dogs natural instincts all things humans don’t want them to do!

checkmark Tires the dog out, so that they aren’t as hyper.

checkmark Great exercise for a longer, healthier life.

checkmark The exercise releases the dogs stress and energy.

checkmark A bored dog can become a “bad-dog” where as an exercised dog leads to a well-behaved dog.

checkmark Just for fun!!



Daily Dog Walking Services:

Reasons for you:

checkmark Can’t get home in time to walk your dog each day…

checkmark Sally keeps asking you to go to happy hour after work, but you need to walk your dog.

checkmark You have a new puppy that needs some much needed exercise & a potty break, but you work really far from home.

checkmark Your new pit bull rescue is acting out by chewing up everything in site…release some of that energy during the day with a walk!

Reasons for your dog:

checkmarkDogs need to be exercised each day. Don’t feel guilty anymore for not providing his/her daily walk…let me do it for you!

checkmark I Love how excited they get when I come to the door each day to give them their walk, treat and  fresh water!

checkmark Dogs get lonely and bored during the day, a walk is the perfect answer to a bored dog!