Heidi’s Historic Home & Pet Care is Central & Downtown Phoenix’s #1 Pet Sitter and Dog Walker since 1998! 

Heidi offers In-Home Pet Sitting & Daily, Weekly Dog Walks, like no other. She will go above and beyond the average pet sitter and has been known to offer each of her clients a unique and special experience that’s not typically “on the menu”. This is because each client has their own personal, individual needs that is always evolving and changing. Therefore, our top priority is to provide you and your pets with the same care that you would offer if you could be there. And, we do not discriminate as to the kind of pets we care for – specializing in All Pets Pet Sitting: Cats; Dogs; Birds; Reptiles such as Frogs, Iguanas, Turtles and Snakes; Hamsters; Gerbils; Guinea Pigs; Ferrets; Bunnies; and any other kind of pet you may have!















Service Area:

Our In-Home Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services are primarily based within the Central, Downtown Phoenix area and surrounding Historic Districts (Willo, Coronado, FQ Story, Encanto Palmcroft, Roosevelt and all the neighborhoods in between). However, we will travel further east (depending on area); down west to I-17 and northbound to the border of Bethany Home Rd for an additional traveling fee.


















In-Home Pet Sitting
: (please see individual tabs above for each service)


checkmarkHome security protection, as well as bringing the mail in, watering of plants, trash in/out, lights on/off, blinds up/down, while you are away.
checkmarkNot having to worry about your pet’s health around other animals at a kennel. Or feeling guilty about leaving them stuck in a small confined area day and night, with little to no exercise.
 checkmarkNo last minute hassles of getting your vet records together; preparations of gathering all of your pet’s supplies for their stay away and having to drive them to the “pet resort” and back.
checkmark Most importantly – many pets are scared when they go away to a strange place! They feel safe, comfortable and secure within their familiar surroundings at home.
























Daily Dog Walking Services: (please see individual tabs above for each service)

Reasons for you:

checkmark Sally keeps asking you to go to happy hour after work, but you need to walk your dog.
checkmark You have a new puppy that needs some much needed exercise & a potty break, but you work really far from home.
checkmark Your new pit bull rescue is acting out by chewing up everything in site…release some of that energy during the day with a walk!

Reasons for your dog:

checkmark Dogs need to be exercised each day. Don’t feel guilty anymore for not providing his/her daily walk…let me do it for you!
checkmark  I Love how excited they get when I come to the door each day to give them their walk, treat and  fresh water!
checkmark  Dogs get lonely and bored during the day, a walk is the perfect answer to a bored dog!