Phoenix: “Over the last couple of years, I have had the pleasure of using Heidi’s doggie daycare as well as boarding services.  I found Heidi to be extremely knowledgeable, flexible, understanding and willing to work with me.  Her free roaming historic home is fantastic for my dog.  Not only does Heidi care for and about yours pets, she cares about her clients.  I have used boarding services across the country and no one ever texts photos showing my very happy dog.  Best in the country!”

Mike Roberts
Former Phx, AZ Resident-Now Traveling the Country by motor home!

Remi: “I am so grateful I found Heidi to pet sit for Remi. The care and attention he was received was amazing and I couldn’t be more happy with the In Home pet care she provided. She is very trustworthy and reliable. I was regularly sent updates on how he was doing and even got pictures, which put my mind at ease knowing he was well taken care of! I will certainly call Heidi again to care for Remi.”

Charlene Milice
Arcadia District, Arizona

Frida: “Frida and I absolutely love Heidi and the gang at Heidi’s Historic Home &  Pet Care. Heidi is such an easy going individual. She is flexible, understanding and has a lot of great tips. I also love that she is conveniently located in Central Phoenix. She understands the uniqueness of each pet and has been so good to my doggy Frida. Frida loves the doggy daycare because she can run around with her friends outside or chill out indoors whenever she likes. I like that Heidi sends updates on the doggies to see how much fun they are having. I look forward to the other services we can utilize in the future. I would definitely recommend Heidi to anyone looking for quality pet care.”

Joanna Prusa
Central Phoenix, Arizona

Wadi: “Heidi has been our lifesaver since the second week we had Wadi. She’s great with him, and she is dependable and easy to work with. Heidi started out providing us with weekly dog walking services. And, we quickly decided to add in doggie day care & boarding, as we work long hours & travel quite a bit. Heidi has made it easier to work through the day, knowing that Wadi is well taken care of and having fun with other pups (which Heidi captures on occasion with adorable pics).”

Nathan Kunz
Roosevelt Historic District, Arizona

Sunny: “I have had the pleasure of using Heidi’s Daycare and Boarding service since 2012. My dog sunny is one of the closest members of my family, so I am very particular about the individuals and the environment that my dog comes into contact with. I did an extensive search across the valley when I moved here to find the right place for Sunny & Heidi was the Best. My schedule is very unpredictable and I travel a great deal for work so its important that sunny has a place to go when I cannot be at home with her. It was also important to find a place that she would get interaction with other dogs, love and attention from people, walks to explore the neighborhood and a place she could run around or lay outside and then come in for a nap on the couch, the bed or wherever her hearts desires. Heidi is also skilled at massage. Sunny is 10 and has some arthritis, so it means a great deal to me that Heidi can massage her and assist in keeping her happy and healthy for years to come. If you are looking for a place to send your loved one, that’s as close to home as you can get, I recommend you consider Heidi. Sunny would love to meet you!”

Ruthie Pyles
Encanto Historic District, Arizona

Summer & Porter:  “I just want to say I very much appreciate Heidi’s Historic Home & Pet Care & THANK YOU to Heidi. Being new to Phoenix and Arizona in general, I needed to find a Pet Care Service that could provide my pets Porter and Summer with special care, while I travel. I will say that I have used many pet services in the past, however, none with the special care and attention Heidi provided, as if they were her own. I used Heidi for Daily Dog Walking and In Home Pet Sitting and I could not have been more pleased with the services, as I quickly noticed a change in my pets attitude and health. She went over and above what anyone else ever did for my Buddies (which they truly adored her visits) and even provided insight for my dogs in maintaining a healthier lifestyle; this only comes from experience and perceptions when caring for animals, as she has proven to have a wealth of knowledge. If you’re looking for a trustworthy, completely reliable individual Heidi’s your pets Guardian Saint in waiting! I am extremely satisfied with my exceptional service. Thank You Again Heidi for everything in caring for my best friends.”

Roger Guzman
Central Phoenix, Arizona

Mia: “I have been one of Heidi’s clients for over three years. I am very happy with the care she has provided for my 105 pound Akita dog, Mia. She can be a handful! But, Heidi is careful and dependable in all that she does, whether it be feeding, watering, or walking Mia. I can recommend Heidi without hesitation to anyone.”

In Loving Memory of Mia – My dear Mia passed away on September 11, 2010. Mia was the most loving dog i’ve ever had the honor of sitting for. She had her stubborn streak (like most Akitas are known for), as when we took our walks she was like a trail horse and insisted on going all the way to the local park and back, even if her old, tired body had a hard time making it back; her heart refused to give into her pain. In the end she was diagnosed with Cancer and we prayed she would heal with medicine and get better. We were lucky and blessed to have another 6-8 months with her.

 There is no question that I loved Mia as much as I loved my own four dogs. I still think about her every day and probably will for a long time to come. Rest in peace my beautiful Mia. I pray that you are running, free of pain, through a beautiful park in the sky and eating as many t-bones as your heart desires. I love you and miss you baby girl.   Heidi

Doug Kupel
FQ Story Historic District, Arizona

  Tiffanie: “Thank you for letting me into your home & your heart! I had a great time & can’t wait for my next vacation!  From the “Mom & Dad”… “My wife and I would trust nobody else to care-take for our Pug, Tiffany, when we are out of town.  She loves to go to Heidi’s to play with her buddies there.  Thank you Heidi, you are the best!  Tiff just loves it there and I am so happy that I don’t have to worry about her care while we are gone!”

“We are all about Heidi’s!!!!!”

Phil & Pam Royer
Chandler, Arizona

Molly: “I was terribly frustrated trying to find the ideal environment for Molly.  It seemed like all the places I interviewed were little more than maximum-profit, low-care facilities that featured centralized cages as their “home-like atmosphere” and out-of-work twenty-somethings as the “trained and caring staff.”  Then I found Heidi and my world changed.  Personalized.  Boutique.  The perfect balance between emotional commitment and professional service.  Someone who cares for my girl as devotedly as I do.  I could not ask for better peace of mind!”

Eric Whitaker
Central Phoenix, Arizona

Poli & Pango: “Heidi has been an excellent and reliable caregiver for our two birds. Our lovebird is very wary around strangers, and our cockatiel is elderly and can require high maintenance. But Heidi quickly grew comfortable handling them and won them both over, becoming an expert bird-sitter in short order. We are completely comfortable leaving our birds in her care.”

Ruth Greenspan and Don Steinman
Willo Historic District, Arizona

Neko & Lila: “Heidi has been taking care of my sister kitties, Neko and Lila for 4 years now. They have grown to love her and they are safe and happy while we are away. She also does an excellent job of keeping the house clean and the plants watered. I would recommend Heidi’s service to any pet lover in the Phoenix area.”

Rebecca & Darren Baum
Coronado Historic District, Arizona

Redmon: “Heidi is my hero, and I’m pretty sure my dog Redmon feels the same way, based on how excited he is every time he gets within a block of her home! Redmon has been attending doggie day care for almost a year now, and it has been GREAT!  The socialization and company of Heidi and “the crew” have really helped me get through my Norwich Terrier’s puppy phase. I have and will continue to refer my friends and family to use her services.  The peace of mind knowing he isn’t locked-up in a cage all day, but rather spends his day in a home playing with other loved dogs is great! Thanks Heidi!!”

Tanner Flynn (and Redmon too)
Paradise Valley,  Arizona

Gunner: “Our Dog Gunner stayed with Heidi many times while we lived in Phoenix, Arizona and we miss her and the service she provided since we have moved.  The peace of mind that Heidi’s services provided helped us to relax and enjoy our time away from our four-legged family member knowing that he was comfortable and well-taken care of at his second home.  Heidi was very reasonably priced for the services she provided and incredibly flexible with her schedule to accommodate our busy and sometimes impromptu needs.  Our dog was always excited to get to spend time at Heidi’s Historic Home & Pet Care!  We highly recommend Heidi and Heidi’s Historic Home & Pet Care without hesitation or reservation.”

Gavin, Molly Taylor
Now residing in Memphis, Tennessee

 Athena & Apollo: “My two Siamese  cats, brother and sister, immediately took to Heidi when she came over to meet them prior to her first house sitting assignment. There’s no doubt they probably look forward to her visits more than when I get home from work, because when Heidi comes over, she plays with them and gives them all the loving attention they can possibly imagine. Heidi tackles the dirty work like taking care of the litter box and retrieves my newspaper and mail for me as well. The house is always locked up and the alarm is set when she leaves. I heartily recommend Heidi!”

Vance Wilson
Central Phoenix, Arizona

 Sable & Tige: “Heidi has been watching my pit bull Tige for the past five years. She provides excellent loving care to him. He has been on trips with her and he has stayed over at her house many times. When he lost his leg to a dog attack two and a half years ago she helped with daytime care during his recovery. She was so upset by his misfortune and mine she refused to accept payment. Two years ago I got another female pit bull named Sable. She is quite a stubborn but adorable little dog. Heidi gives her the same level of care and love she has always given Tige. She can actually walk them both at the same time. I don’t know anyone other than myself (and possibly Cesar Milan) that can do that. Tige, Sable and me are lucky to have met her. I hope to have her as Tige and Sables caregiver and my friend for a long time to come.”

Steve Budden
Central Phoenix, Arizona

 Monte & Uma: “Not only warm and friendly, Heidi D’Angelo ensures the needs of her client’s and the extended pet-family are met through communication, professionalism, compassion and the honest love for her chosen career. Heidi is the best!”

Lisa Elliott-Poole
Coronado Historic District, Arizona

 Lucy & Ellesar: “Heidi is by far the best pet sitter in the Valley. She is absolutely reliable and solves problems rather than creating them. She’s also very loving towards my pets – I sometimes think my cats are sorry to see me come home because having Heidi around is such a treat for them! If you want complete peace of mind while you’re away, call Heidi.”

Marcia Halstead, Arcadia District, Arizona

Katie, Balboa & Oz: “Heidi does a great job taking care of our pets while we are away. We can enjoy a stress-free vacation knowing that they are in good hands. Heidi is reliable, friendly, and great with our animals.”

Wendy & Paul Mitsuyana
Willo Historic District, Arizona

Joy: “Heidi has been caring for my Schipperke (Joy) for doggie day care and overnight since she first started the service.  Joy is a very energetic, sometimes stubborn dog who joined my family when she was less than 6 months old.  I was extremely worried about socialization needs and leaving her alone in the house for the whole day.    When I first met Heidi I liked her right away (and so did Joy), she had a calm demeanor and a welcoming, safe, pet friendly home.  Heidi was genuinely interested in what was best for Joy.  Joy loves going to her “second” home.

In the six years I have been using Heidi’s services, she continuously proves to be capable and responsible as well as a good communicator.   She is also understanding and accommodating with changes in schedule and always returns my phone calls promptly.  She truly cares about animals and about their well-being and I would highly recommend her services.”

Kelly Enders
Chandler AZ, Arizona

  Clifford & Clancy: “As a busy professional, I need a dog sitter I can rely on so that my dogs aren’t alone for long periods. I am so glad to have Heidi as their adopted auntie. My dogs love her, and I can rest assured while I’m at work that my dogs are getting a mid-day visit, some affection, some playtime, and have fresh water. I have also hired Heidi when I’m out of town to cat-sit. Once I came home from a trip around the holidays and she had thoughtfully turned my porch light and Christmas tree lights on for me, so that my house looked warm and welcoming. Heidi will love your pets like her own, and she is a real find. I highly recommend her.”

Amy Wilkins
Coronado Historic District, Arizona

Shane: “Found Heidi on the Internet when in desperate need of a caring place to put my German Shepard for a week and not even wanting to contemplate a kennel. A total stranger to me but I instantly felt I could trust her with my best friend in the world. That instant trust proved to be exceedingly well founded as he was taken care of even better than I care for him myself as proven by the fact that while he never has demonstrated a fondness for getting into my car, the day after I picked him up from Heidi I had to dissuade him from diving into it with a robust enthusiasm as he clearly thought he was going back to Heidi’s. I could not possibly imagine a greater endorsement than that….straight from my sweet baby boy.”

Kent Jackson
Roosevelt Historic District, Arizona