Pet Sitting in Phoenix

General Rate$30.00 per visit (This rate can vary based on where you live and the service you are requiring. For instance, I do not charge extra for additional pets, nor do I charge for providing meds to your pets i.e. pill/liquid form or insulin injections, unlike most pet sitting servicers. Its all inclusive in the fee above, unless it requires me to stay beyond my normal 30 min visit to accomodate your needs).

Please Note: There is a 3 visit minimum for each service booked. 

Regular Hours of Operation:  9:00 am to 6:00 pm
After Hours:  7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
An additional fee of $5. is accessed to all visits scheduled between 7-9 pm (applies to those with no dog door who require late night visits) A normal visit is approximately 30 minutes. Longer visits can be arranged for a small additional fee.

Service includes
Feedings/fresh water, dog walks, cleaning of waste/kitty litter box, play time i.e. playing fetch with favorite toy or ball, basic grooming i.e. brushing dog/cat, administering medicine by pill form or insulin shot (no extra charge), cuddle time/lots of petting and love. Basic watering of a few plants, picking up mail & newspaper, adjusting temperature or windows/blinds are all included in each visit at no extra charge, as long as they can all be done within a 25-30 minute interval. If you have a large number of plants inside and out, watering can be arranged for an additional fee depending upon the time needed.

General Information on In-Home Pet Sitting:

In-Home Visits: Visits are generally provided between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (after hours 7-9:00 PM) Morning, Afternoon and or Evening hours. I can only guarantee specific visit times for those of you who have pets that require medicine at a specific time, such as diabetic clients who require insulin. Or, for those doggie clients who do not have access to outside. For all other pet clients, I ask that you give me a preferred two hour window of time, in either the morning, afternoon, or evening (or all of the above, if you prefer) and I will do my best to stay within that time-frame. Pet sit visits average about 25-30 minutes long. However, visits may run shorter in specific cases such as a shy or nervous cat that is waiting for me to leave. On the occasion where I’ve gotten behind schedule or have time constraints and have to cut a visit short, I will indeed make up that time in the next visit. In some cases I’ve been known to stay longer than thirty minutes, if I feel the pet seems extra lonely or needy that day. In the case of bad weather conditions I will be unable to provide walks for your dog; in this case I will spend our time in other ways, such as cuddling together on the couch while reading or playing safely inside. If you are going away during the monsoon season or winter season, please know that I do not approve of pets being left outside in the cold and rain; unless he or she has some kind of shelter like a garage or shed to keep warm. This does not apply to outdoor cats. All cats and other small pets must be seen at least once a day. All dogs must be seen at least twice a day.

***Note: I must be notified of all pets in your household and they will all be considered under my care unless other approved care is arranged for them.
Please see “Policies & Procedures page” under In-Home Pet Sitting for more important information you will need to know before using my pet sitting service.

Getting Acquainted:  There is no charge for the initial consult visit required of all new pet sitting clients. This refers to our first time meeting as well as pet’s you acquire in the future that you may need me to meet for the first time. Any other visit that is not pertaining to a new pet made to your home will be charged a regular visit fee. This includes getting reacquainted with or receiving special care instructions for an old pet. Or, you may choose to simply call or email the new instructions.

Deposits Required:

There is a deposit required for In-Home Pet Sitting services to hold your reservation when booking services over a two week period from your reservation dates. The deposit is 1/2 of your payment and the remaining portion is due upon drop off for boarding. This deposit is non-refundable. 

Holiday Fees: I charge an extra fee of $10. to all major holiday visits, including, but not limited to: Easter, July 4th, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas & Christmas Eve, New Years & Valentines; Father’s and Mother’s Day. 

Key pick up/drop off:  We will store your key indefinitely, at no additional charge in a secure facility.  In the event you chose to have your key returned, my normal practice is to dispose of the key, as this is the least expensive option. However, if you choose to either hide your key each visit in a safe place, like a lockbox, for the first day I arrive to retrieve it, at no responsibility of Heidi’s Historic Home & Pet Care, or drop the key off at my home, there would be no extra charge. As well, I no longer return keys in person, however you can request to pick up your key from my home.