Cage-Free Dog Boarding & Caged Small Pet Boarding

General Rate: $60.00 per Night & 1/2 off for each additional siblings ($30.) 

Services Include:

Fun filled days and nights with other canine pack pals; freedom to play and rest throughout my private home, which in time becomes home away from home. Your pet child will receive love day and night, feedings, treats, fresh water and tucked into a comfy bed by the end of the night. We also administer any medicine or supplements your dog requires to stay happy and healthy.


Caged Small Pet Boarding

General Rate: $30.00 per Night

Services Include:

  If your small pet fits into a small-medium size cage (rabbits; rodents; reptiles; birds) this is your go to boarding place! The details of what’s provided is up to you and is whatever your pet requires during their stay here to be comfortable, secure and happy.


Hours of Operation: 

Drop off after 10:00 a.m & pick up by 7:00 P.m.
Note: If you need to drop off earlier you will need to drop off the night before by 7:00 P.m. If you need to pick up later you will need to pick up the following day after 10:00 A.m.


Temperament Screening: (Required)

There will be a temperament screening required for all dogs prior to be admitted into our care, for the safety of your dog and mine. The temperament screening consists of a two (2) hr. window of doggie day care whereby you drop off your dog at a pre-scheduled time & pick up approximately 2 hours later (longer hours can be arranged for a fee).

Temperament Requirements:
All dogs must be fully vaccinated and current on all state required canine vaccinations; spayed or neutered; well socialized with all dogs and humans; must be well trained – which includes, but not limited to: No marking “territory” inside home i.e.. lifting legs on furniture, etc., dogs must be fulling house trained – no potty inside; no chewing on any items in the home, including furniture, shoes, clothing, dog toys, etc.; no jumpy over dog/baby gates; aggression free (toy, food, treats or otherwise), with no prior background of ever harming another human or animal.

Weight Requirements: All dogs must be 40 pounds or less

Age Requirements: All dogs must be 6 months or older

Health/Grooming Requirements:  Again, all dogs must be current on all state required vaccines, including Bordetella (kennel cough vaccine); must be free of tics and flees and be on a monthly protection plan; must be neutered/spayed; be free of any disease or illness and must be clean and groomed prior to admission of boarding, as this is my private home and I keep it clean at all times, for myself and guests.

Deposits Required:

There is a deposit required for Cage-Free Boarding services to hold your reservation when booking services over a two week period from your reservation dates. The deposit is 1/2 of your payment and the remaining portion is due upon drop off for boarding. This deposit is non-refundable.