About the Owner

My name is Heidi and I would like to offer you some background on myself, including how and why I got into the pet care industry.

I’ve been surrounded by animals all of my life, from the time I was two.   As a child I grew up with a deep fascination and appreciation for animals. It seemed that everywhere I would go I would find either a stray or injured animal along the way. Of course, I would have to pick them up and take them home to care for them – my mom learned to find it endearing.

As a child growing up with a father and brother that were highly allergic to dog & cat hair, I was only able to have fish, birds, reptiles (yes, I’ve owned turtles, lizards, and snakes) and Poodles around. However, I was able to have smaller furry friends in cages – Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Bunnies, and Gerbils. Now, as an adult, I have 3 Chihuahuas, a Chipin and toy poodle at home!

Most of my adult life I worked within the corporate world. And, like most, I woke up one day and realized that I needed to choose a career that was more meaningful; one in which I could actually look forward to getting up each morning. That’s when I knew my passion for animals would be the perfect choice for a new career.  I also knew from having my own pets, that when I would take them to a strange place, like a kennel, they would start shaking before I got them up to the door. I would feel so guilty the entire time I was gone – it was impossible to have a good time. When I would arrive home to pick them up, they had either lost weight from not eating the entire visit; got sick from another animal and or were still terrified and couldn’t wait to get back to their safe, familiar home. That’s when I knew my work needed to be involved in caring for pets while their parents could not, either in their home or offering a peaceful, fun place for them in mine…a home away from home.

Currently I am a home owner in the Coronado Historic District. I love the history, character and art/culture throughout the surrounding historic neighborhoods in downtown central Phoenix. That is why I chose the name of my business Heidi’s Historic Home and Pet Care, as I wanted to focus on the area I love the most. However, I will travel a bit further outside of the central corridor.

My Permanent Babies – (from Left to Right) Sonny, the Son, Elvis, the Dad, Bitsy, the MaMa & Paco