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Dog, Cat & Other Pet Massages – What Are The Benefits?

Pet massage, more specifically Dog & Cat Massages used to be unheard of years ago, however, it has become more widely accepted and even popular in recent years. Why? Because people are realizing that they are not the only lucky ones to enjoy the many benefits that massage has to offer.

Dog massages, as well as cats and other furry pets (no gold fish and reptiles don’t much like massage) is a therapeutic resource towards healing everything from Arthritic pets; dogs & cats suffering from Hip Displasia, to relieving a simple case of anxiety brought on by past issues of abandonment & abuse.

I have been a professional pet sitter for over eleven years now. And, during those years of caring for all types of pets, I have come to realize just how much our furry loved ones enjoy the human touch of massage. In fact, my first encounter with Pet Massage was over fifteen years ago when I first began dog massages on my ten year old black lab Maggie. I had taken Maggie everywhere with me, including long hikes up steep rocks and mountains, as well as roller-blading down at the beach when I lived in L.A. Ok, she ran & I roller-bladed (I know you were all picturing her in her little doggy roller blades). Although I always believed that all of that exercise was great for my princess Maggie, it definitely took a tole on her little body over the years. In just a short while I noticed a huge improvement once I began to provide her with dog massages. Not only did she moan in enjoyment and lick my hand whilst I rubbed her aching muscles, but I could tell she looked forward to receiving them and I enjoyed watching her become more like her playful puppy self again.

Sadly, my Maggie passed away years ago and I now have a house full with four Chihuahuas. My female, Bitsy, had a “oops” litter about two years ago and ever since her poor little body has been in much pain. Chihuahuas have a very hard time with whelping in general, as their bodies aren’t built for carrying more than two pups and she had a litter of six total, with four healthy pups and two still born. I immediately took her to the vet to have her checked and have been giving her a anti-inflammatory drug twice a day, as well as a liquid supplement of Glucosamine Ds with MSM & Chondroitin. This seems to take the edge off, but what I believe helps the most are the daily dog massages she continues to get from me. Bitsy, like Maggie, loves to get her massages. She walks up her little doggy steps to the couch, lays next to me & then looks up with her big brown eyes as if to say “Mommy, I’m ready for my doggy massage!”. Who could resist that? As soon as I begin to massage her she starts to make her little moaning whimpers (that’s a good thing) as she spreads her arms & legs out as far as they will go and closes her eyes while I massage her neck; back; hind end; legs and of course her tiny feet. I know I’m doing something right when she licks me every so often as a sign of approval.

For anyone out there that worries about what to do next for their pet who suffers from any type of body pain – I would first suggest seeing a vet and next I would suggest for you to either try massaging your pet yourself, or find a qualified person in your area who offers dog/pet massage.

May your day be filled with sweet puppy breath licks…or kitties…or….             Meet “Bitsy” 

Heidi’s Historic Home & Pet Care, Phoenix Arizona

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