Cage-Free Doggie Day Care in Phoenix

This is not you’re average doggie day care & boarding facility. This is a boutique style, home away from home stay for your dog. Your dog will receive the same, if not better treatment & care than he/she would be receiving at home. I normally only allow 5 maximum doggie day care clients at one time (not including boarding clients). My max total dogs allowed per day in my home, at this time, (not including my own) are 6, including boarding clients. This means extra one-on-one attention for your dog. Your dog will not be crated (unless you ask that they be, for example should they need time alone for a break, or while I’m away from home for short periods to run to a pet sit or dog walk). This is the ultimate, nurturing, loving environment for your dog. Not only will they have playmates to enjoy, learning proper social and behavioral skills, but, they will receive love from ME their entire visit here.

Services include: (but, is not limited to): A fun filled day of exercise through playing ball/fetch, running around a large yard with other play mates (when weather allows for it, or we play inside ;*); snack time; sun bathing on lounges outside and nap time on comfy beds inside. And of course… lot’s of attention and love.


Full Day of Doggie Day Care (up to 8-9 hrs.): $25.00

each sibling is $15.00 extra

Half Day of Doggie Day Care (up to 5 hrs.): $20.00

each sibling is $10.00 extra

Sleep Over (14 hours): Rate: $25.00 (siblings: 25% off)

Doggie Day Care Days/Hours of Operation:

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, 8:00-5:30 (w/occasional flexibility) We are now offering Pet Taxi service for those of you that need to be at work earlier than we open. If you live within the downtown area, please ask us if you are in our service area! There is an extra service charge added per pick up.

New Clients: Age/Behavioral Requirements: All dogs must be between the age of Eight (8) Months or Older. All dogs must be free of tics and flees and current on all vaccinations, including Bordatella; completely potty trained, aggressive free, and well trained (no marking territory inside, no excessive barking, no chewing on furniture, toys, doggie beds). We do not accept dogs that have any type of behavioral problems, as we are not dog trainers. Please read Doggie Day Care/Policies & Procedures page for all details on Temperament Screening; Boarding/Doggie Day Care Cancellation Requirements, etc.

* We are only accepting larger breeds that are extremely docile & well trained around smaller (or larger) dogs, as our little ones can’t protect themselves as well! If you feel your larger breed dog is in any way overwhelming to other dogs or aggressive in any way, we will not be able to accept your dog into our care.

* We take safety very serious here at Heidi’s Historic Home & Pet Care.  I only allow Five dogs (maximum) at a time into my home, excluding my own. This means extra time for each pet that visits. And, because we are a Cage-Free Environment, we can only allow well behaved, aggressive free dogs into our family. This means that while we would love to allow All loving dogs into our home, we can only provide our Doggie Day Care & Dog Boarding services to those who not only pass the above requirements, but also must be of a docile, friendly, & loving temperament to All size dogs, as well as humans.